Do you like that picture above? That’s right our web designer was too busy with his Rangerette to find a picture. Here’s our story: When the powers combine of two berets nothing can be denied. Like Captain Planet, hear me?

Chief Warrant Officer 3 M was a bad ass, mustache-wearing dude. He hails straight from John F. Kenedy’s School for Misguided Boys and spews pure hate juice. This Green Beret and former medic, came from that dark place that created Snake Plissken, John Rambo, and Colonel Walter Kurtz. A place that doesn’t exist, and no one ever talks about… don’t be the village idiot. He also chased bad guys in all the illest places in the world showing them the long stick of America’s Revenge. He and his homies smacked down terrorists till their mother’ bled out their urethras.

Sergeant First Class G hails from the dark-magic world of Israeli Spec Ops. He and professor Snape went on a terrorist pageant show all through the Levant where first prize was a life-time stint in the resort prisons of the dead sea basin. Second prize was a first class one-way ticket to meet Allah, inshallah.

We make ill gear for the boys in green (edit: MultiCam*), the boys in blue, and the soft-boys wanting to be hard-boys. We like shit that makes you more lethal to others around you. Once we are done smashing targets over Lars Richter the mannequin and chasing down unicorns and punching them to get their tears - we give 10% of what we make to combat Veterans through the Troops in Contact app. We do this so they can sit in their rightful place: at the top of the food chain. Here and Valhalla.